What To Do If Parent Violates Custody Agreement

Unfortunately, the execution of a divorce decree sometimes depends on the attitude of your local law enforcement and the filing of a police report for an arrest warrant does not always lead to a solution. Even after the report was filed, many fathers still wonder how they can recover the child from non-private parents. Your genius, so the first piece of thought I`ve acquired since my ex-wife left me and our three children three years ago, and she had a guy who came from New York where she was and took her out of her school. Then she flew to New York, and no one would tell me who had my children. It`s been over a month and a half, and I feel so harassed. Even my lawyer will not contact me and my lawyer went to “make them pay” and all the fire and brimstone immediately after the first payment turned into a distant and sometimes verbally offensive almost reluctant woman. I asked him to tell me, for weeks, if there was anything I could do or that I should do before our trial in four days. And still no answer and I received an invoice from the lawyer who sent me 150 dollars by SMS all those that were composed of a sentence. Let me trace for a moment by saying that all this was made possible by a dishonest process server.

The one who claimed to have seen me and put the papers on the front hall and left. A week later, I get a call from the school telling me that my children are being taken by an unnamed person. My ex`s fiancé had made an affidavit saying that I had burned my son, that I had beaten him and wounded him. It made me sick, to the point that I couldn`t even read it. I really have no one to inform me of my rights, nor to help me prepare or support my rights as a father. My father and I raised her for more than three years without her help. Then she will have the power to come unannounced and to snatch the children from us. Honestly, I feel like I`m putting an end to this pain. I feel that my children have already been allowed to be washed and manipulated, perhaps irretrievably. I saw a letter that was in my son`s handwriting that said things not only dishonest, but also false or never happened.