Social Security Agreement Between Canada And Romania

Under Article 18(1) of the Canada-Romania Social Security Agreement, does Service Canada have an agreement that social security contributions paid in the United Kingdom can be deducted from their 20-year requirement, or do they have to live and work in Canada for 20 years to obtain AEOs abroad? Your wife should also be entitled to a CPP retirement pension, but maintaining the CPP may affect the level of her U.S. social security under the WFP. Hello SKK – Why do you check your authorization under the agreement? If you have lived more than 10 years in Canada after the age of 18 and have been living here (and for a year?) and you are over 65, you are entitled to the OAS without having to use the agreement. Your question does not matter if your facts are correct. I am 65 years old and i am a dual citizen (United States and Canada) and I currently live in the United States. 2011-949 of 22.