Ns Gov Collective Agreement

(2) If the contracting parties intend to call on a Mediator`s adjur but are unable to agree on this point, the Minister, at the request of the parties, appoints a Mediator adjudicator. 48 If, prior to the entry into force of this Act, the employer or the Union has communicated to the other a notification regarding the initiation of collective bargaining, the communication is deemed to have been made in accordance with this Act. 1997 (2. ses), c. 1, 48. (2) The employer and the Union do not enter into a collective agreement of a fixed term of less than one year and do not amend a contract to give a duration of less than one year. 24 (1) If the employer and the Union collectively negotiate to enter into a collective agreement but have not reached an agreement, the employer or the Union, or both, refer the terms of employment to the House and request that a three-person arbitration body, unless the parties agree to submit the collective agreement to a person`s arbitrator. to resolve these conditions. 22 (1) When a conciliation officer has been assigned to speak with the employer and the Union conducting collective bargaining or dispute resolution, the conciliation officer, within fourteen days of the date of adoption or a longer period that the Minister may authorize from time to time, contains to the Minister a report listing 34 (1) No or no decision has the right to terminate the adoption or amendments to the legislation. 2. Claims and arbitration proceedings arising from a previous or under consideration agreement are pursued and decided in accordance with this agreement, and a decision made in such an arbitration procedure binds the employer, the Union and the workers as if they were rendered under this Act. 1997 (2. ses), c.

1, p. 46.b) “previous agreement,” a collective agreement between the employer and the union that is in effect before this Legislation comes into force. (b) that the parties to the dispute have set the terms and conditions to be included in a collective agreement; 4. Where an adjudicator or adjudication agency finds that a worker has been dismissed or disciplined by the employer for reasons as yet unexplained and the collective agreement does not contain a specific sanction for the offence that is the subject of the awarder, the adjudicator or adjudication agency is authorized to replace discharge or discipline in relation to the adjudicator or adjudication. 1997 (2. ses), about 1, 39. 16 A collective agreement entered into by the employer and the Union is binding to (a) subject to and for the purposes of this Act, if it is satisfied that the parties to the dispute have not made reasonable efforts to conclude a collective agreement, and orders the parties to continue collective bargaining; 20 Where notice has been issued regarding collective bargaining, either under this Act or under a collective agreement that provides for a review of a provision of the collective agreement, the employer and the Union must, without delay, and within 20 clear days of notification or within an additional period that the parties may agree to meet and begin. , or to hire representatives authorized on their behalf to bargain collectively and do everything in its power to conclude and sign a collective agreement. 1997 (2nd), approximately 1, 20.c) if a collective agreement is in effect and for a period of more than three years only below is the list of collective agreements for each of the five unions at Dalhousie University.