Cmha Opseu Collective Agreement

OpsEU regularly receives applications from members covered by collective agreements across the province to obtain copies of their central contract. The following six links provide easy access and allow you to download a copy of your collective agreement in Adobe format. You can also contact your staff representative or the nearest regional office to get a copy of your collective agreement. Here is a list of all the regional offices. Toronto (April 10, 2013) – Members of the Ontario Public Service Workers Union (OPSEU/NUPGE) who work for the Canadian Mental Health Association have ratified their first collective agreement. OPSEU represents workers in too many collective agreement units to provide copies of collective agreements to individual employers on the site. If you can`t find your collective agreement on this page, you can search for it in our private sector – the membership portal. Please log on to the members` portal to verify that your collective agreement has been published for you. We may be a great organization, but it is the experience and imagination of individuals that produce the best results for everyone we represent. . The National Union of Public and General Employees (NUPGE) is one of Canada`s largest labour organizations with more than 340,000 members.

Our mission is to improve the lives of working families and build a stronger Canada by ensuring that our common wealth is used for the common good. NUPGE 2015-2017 OPSEU Central – Unified Agreement (definitive) 2018-2021 OPS Unified Extension Agreement Pay Plan 2017-2021 United Our history has shown that if we work together, we get great things. We do it in the workplace for our members, in our communities for the people we serve and in the wider world, where the struggle for social justice continues. With OPSEU, you are in the driver`s seat – you and the other members of our family of 165,000 people. Colleges of Applied Arts – Technology – Academic 2017-2021 Academic Collective Agreement.pdf Ontario Public Service January 1, 2015-December 31, 2017 As every living organization, OPSEU has its own history, structure, vocabulary and way of doing things. Like any effective organization, OPSEU is changing in response to changing times, changing technologies and job changes. Liquor Control Board of Ontario April 1-2017 -_March 31 2021 LCBO Collective Agreement .pdf Municipal Property Assessment Corporation 1. January 2019 – December 31, 2022 MPAC Collective Agreement.pdf Over the 100-year history of OPSEU, two things have remained constant: please check the opSEU 2019 census by clicking on the banner below to get your chance on an iPad or VISA gift card! Make sure your voice is heard! .