Certificate Of Origin Template For Korea-Us Free Trade Agreement

Open-form certification can be used by Korean manufacturers and exporters and U.S. importers as an alternative to original certification when they invoke compliance with the Korea Free Trade Agreement. The U.S.-Korea free trade agreement does not require a specific certificate. They may be invited by the Korean importer or customs service to provide information in support of a request for preferential treatment. For more information on what is expected to be contained, please see the certificate-of-origin free trade agreements. Please note that the Korean Customs Service does not impose a specific certificate of origin in accordance with KORUS and does not impose a form or format required for the certificate of origin. U.S. exporters or producers should be informed that, as long as you provide the necessary elements to obtain certification, you do not need to use the korean Customs Certificate or a mandatory Korean government form, although you are free to do so. When an exporter or producer presents a certificate relating to the original character of the products, it must keep all necessary documentation that the goods were produced at least five years after the certificate was issued. The ESTV uses an original “knowledge-based” certification system. This means that an exporter, producer or importer can provide a certificate certifying that a product is from the ESTV to support an importer`s request for preferential tariff treatment. A right may also be based on an importer`s own knowledge that goods are a base of origin. You can also request a prejudicial referral for the HTS classification and other matters relating to your import products.

www.cbp.gov/trade/rulings Korea`s Free Trade Agreement (KORUS) came into force on March 15, 2012. Most Korean industrial and consumer products currently arrive in the United States duty-free and the Goods Processing Tax (MPF) and this figure will exceed 95% by 2016. Information for U.S. exporters is available through the Commerce Department: 2016.export.gov/FTA/index.asp If you are generating a certificate of origin for the importer, you should maintain it for at least five years after the import date with all registrations and documentation relating to the origin of the goods.