Bcnu Collective Agreement Working Short Premium

I am a registered Nurse.As of BC Nurses` new collective agreement should receive front-line nurses an additional $3 to $5 per hour if we care for more patients than was considered safe and appropriate (what we call “working short”). This is expected to begin on April 1, 2020. Due to the Covid 19 pandemic, the development of tools to determine when we work briefly has not been fully developed and used. BC`s health authorities have invested a significant amount of time and resources in implementing this provision of our contract. However, in recent times, they have rightly prioritized pandemic preparations and have therefore not been able to meet this part of our agreement. I am not inviting nurses to benefit from a salary cut, but to promise not to accept this salary increase. I propose:1. The UNJSB explains to the public why it felt it was necessary to impose this part of our new agreement and give an estimate of what it will cost bc Health Authorities in April. The UNJSB undertakes to trust the health authorities to pay this premium only in cases where appropriate. For example, we are seeing a significant influx of patients because of COVID-19, and nurses are having to take care of more patients. (As of April 3, hospitals operate in BC with a capacity of 59%; we normally work above 100%) 3. My fellow sisters sign this petition and show our communities that we will not exploit this pandemic for our financial gain.*4.

If this premium is to be paid to us, I propose that we commit to giving this income in order to support those who are suffering the most from this pandemic.* 5. I invite non-nurses to participate in this petition. You are the ones who make the financial sacrifices and your taxes will finance this wage premium. Note to my nursing colleagues: we have a very privileged position in society, never more than today. We are still considered one of the most trustworthy professions. Let us deserve this trust. Very few of us are worried about losing our jobs during this pandemic. But I`m sure we all know the family and friends who lost theirs. These are the people who encourage us every night at 7 p.m.

Let us show them that we are worthy of this admiration. *Disclosure: My partner is also a registered nurse and I have no family. I am aware that this puts me in a position where I will probably not suffer from this act. I also know that not all my colleagues are in this position. Please make the right financial decision for you and your family. You can support the principles of this petition while respecting your commitments to support and care for your families. . 0 людей подписали. Следующая цель: 200. .

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