Agreement Code Home Depot

So it`s always a good idea to compile all your account numbers every 2 or 3 months, sign up and confirm that they are all present and that they are correctly coded with NREIA as the contract code. It`s a dog. Not registered for this exclusive CFRI membership benefit? Follow the instructions below or call 1-866-333-3551 and mention that you are a member of the Central Florida Realty Investors Association, a member of the National REIA Chapter. To learn more about contract codes and see some of the associations that work with The Home Depot, check out the HammerZen blog. Being part of an association that ® a partner with The Home Depot has its advantages. For many memberships, you can get discounts, discounts, and volume prices for various purchases from The Home Depot. It is important that you add these subscriptions to your Pro Xtra® account so that the benefits still apply to your expenses. Each association that works with a partner`s The Home Depot has its own contract code, discount period, and amount. Just follow these steps to add your assignments to your account.

*You must use a new credit card to keep your existing points and benefits under your existing PRO Xtra account if you re-register with the contract code. 7. If you`ve already entered cards, phone numbers, etc., but haven`t added a contract code, go to actions and edits. From here you can add your contract code. HammerZen has partnered with some of the associations to offer discounts and benefits to their members. If you do not know your association`s contract code, please contact your association to obtain the discount code. *Accounts must be registered via or call 1-866-333-3551 to obtain a discount credit. .