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You can visit the webinar here: AdvisorWebinar_Final.ppsx. Once you get started, you can click on a topic to be redirected to that specific information, and then click the “Home” button to return to the main page. You can also work on the webinar from start to finish. Students admitted to the program sign an agreement that commits to participate fully in these activities. Admission to UNC depends on the completion of the Associate Degree at ACC with a cumulative GPA of 3.2 or more, the completion of three semesters of a foreign language, and the conclusion of program activities. Failure to comply with these requirements means that the student is not admitted to UNC. The degree of involvement consultants have with their organizations varies, but there are some basic requirements for an advisor. Groups and their advisors are required to annually verify and complete the online Consultant Agreement form setting out each party`s core expectations. The minimum expectations of the counsellors are as follows: the student organisation adviser and the representatives of the student organisation may also agree on certain tasks and expectations, but these obligations and expectations are optional and should be agreed in writing by the student organisation adviser and representatives of the student organisation.

At UNC-Chapel Hill, all Registered Student Organizations (RSOs) must have a counselor to maintain enrollment at the university. This requirement exists because of the value that advisors add to student organizations. Consultants provide guidance and continuity to organizations and contribute to the overall development and sustainability of the groups they advise. Click here for the 2020-2021 Student Org Advisor Agreement Form. To determine your suitability, each potential candidate must complete and submit the C-STEP interest rate form available under A screening committee will verify and confirm students enrolling in the program by early fall. Before enrolling, C-STEP students sign a Memorandum of Understanding and meet Perry Hardison (204 Main Building), C-STEP Advisor. To serve as an advisor for an RSO, one must be a full-time faculty member or staff member of UNC-Chapel Hill, a UNC hospital or an affiliated service; a faculty emeritus of the UNC chapel or a staff member; UNC-CH retirees with affiliate status; or a campus minister. .

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